Wherever it hurts

We can help

Want to receive expert treatment for your injury but can’t get to a physiotherapy appointment?

Active Physio Online is your online provider of physiotherapy assessment and treatment plans, personalised exercise programs and education.

We are a team of Australian registered physiotherapists who understand that living with pain is restrictive and will affect the way you work, exercise or simply play with your children.  With our expert online physiotherapy consultations, we can assess, diagnose and treat you injury and provide you with personalised professional advice, in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Our team of physiotherapists love to see you reach your goals and, even better still, to see you exceed your expectations of what you are capable of.  We don’t just want you to be pain free, we want to see what you can really do.  Climb Mt Kilimanjaro, complete a workday with ease, go on bike rides with your children…..

Imagine your life where your injury is not the focus of your day.

With our online physiotherapy service, we are able to provide convenient access to personalised professional advice for your injury, wherever you may be.

We look forward to helping you soon.

Why online physiotherapy consultations could be a solution for you…

Increased access to physio

especially for those who live where access to health care is limited or non-existent

No time wasted

getting to and from the appointment or in the waiting room

Strong connection with your physio

as you have increased access to your physio over the course of your treatment

Personalised exercise programs

that can be updated when you’re ready, rather than waiting for the next appointment

Cost effective

Can be more cost effective than in person physio

Improved satisfaction overall

Research has demonstrated that people have reported better satisfaction with their physio treatment when done using telehealth compared with face to face physio treatments.

This is for…

Busy people

who want convenient access to healthcare without wasting time in waiting rooms


who live in the city who put off seeking help for their injury due to time restraints

Rural an remote people

who live in rural and remote areas, where access to healthcare is limited or non-existent


who find it difficult to find the time to have breakfast, let alone taking their children to a physio appointment

Home lovers

who have the time and access to physiotherapy services but prefer to seek treatment without leaving their home

Proactive People

who currently don’t have an injury and would like to keep it that way

Conditions suitable for telerehabilition

acute and chronic injuries

including sprained ankle, knee pain, shoulder pain, headaches, low back pain, sports injuries

post surgical conditions

including knee arthroscope, joint replacements


including work station set up and injuries caused by poor posture

injury prevention

What the research says…

The physiotherapy profession prides itself on its evidence-based treatments and outcomes. Taking physio consultations online is no different. Research indicates that telehealth results can be comparable to face to face treatments and that the benefits to people include improved access to services, time savings, convenience and improved sense of support.

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