Welcome to Active Physio Online!  We’re excited to be bringing this project to life.  This project first came about when we had clients contacting us wanting physio treatment, but who lived over an hour away.  They were wondering if we could help them without needing to come into the clinic, thus saving them time and money.  We thought we could, the research backed us up and the beginnings of Active Physio Online was born.


We live and work rural area so understand the access issues to healthcare for those living in rural and remote areas.  But this service isn’t just for those people living west of the Great Divide.  It’s for anyone who is short on time, who cares for their health and who wants to discover what life can hold for them if pain or injury isn’t holding them back.


We look forward to sharing tips on how to get the most out of the incredible machine that is your body and to welcoming you to the Active Physio Online community.

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